What is daysoft® INPAC Technology?

What is daysoft® INPAC Technology?


Here’s a question for you: how is a banana like a pack of daysoft® contact lenses? The answer lies in our unique INPAC Technology, in the way we make and package our daily disposables. Think about the humble banana. A product, grown entirely in its own skin. It would be utter nonsense to grow a banana, then design and grow a separate skin in which to ‘package’ it. Nature is far more efficient than that.

And thus, Inspired by Nature’s efficiency, we’ve developed a way to make contact lenses entirely inside their concave blister-pack. Reducing our environmental impact, cutting costs and improving hygiene standards as part of the process. And we’ve named it INPAC.

What is INPAC?

INPAC is a unique process by which we manufacture and package your lens in one pack - the same pack you receive through your mailbox. 

Traditionally in cast molding, once the lens was manufactured in its pair of forming molds and checked, it would then be lifted from them and transferred into a third mold (which are made separately), before sealing and sterilising the lens inside. We’ve done away with this old 3 mold system of making contact lenses, using only 2 molds.

daysoft® INPAC technology

INPAC removes all that handling - the lens is formed, hydrated, sealed and sterilized in its original mold. Watch this short video to find out more about the process. 

Cutting Down On Plastic Waste

At daysoft®, we're committed to innovation, development and the future. The sustainability of our business and our effect on the environment is at the forefront of our plans. That's why the new INPAC packaging does away with excess material and dramatically cuts down on the amount of plastic waste. 

graphic to show daysoft® reduction of plastic waste by 50%

And it’s not just our packaging that uses less plastic, it’s the manufacturing process itself. Unlike the old 3-mold system used by other contact lens brands, we only use two molds - your lens is formed, hydrated and packaged in one of those molds. And so, the mold we use to form the lens becomes the pack, reducing manufacturing waste.

'A revolutionary new packaging system which reduces plastic waste by up to 50%.'

This innovative approach to manufacturing and packaging has reduced the plastic waste of our contact lenses by up to 50%. Which means the plastic content of our lenses are currently around a third less than that of other manufacturers. On top of that, all excess material from our manufacturing process is recovered on-site and upcycled.  

Driving Down Costs And Improving Standards

As well as reducing plastic waste, INPAC has the added benefit of reducing the labor-intensive aspects of transferring our contact lenses from their production moulds into their final blister packs. The production molding and the blister pack are one and the same.

daysoft® lenses made with INPAC technology

Streamlining the process in this way means we can pass on the cost savings to you. That’s why we can offer high-quality contact lenses at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

And we do that without compromising on standards. In fact, the INPAC process actually improves hygiene and quality standards. The lens is never handled during manufacture, remaining in the same container throughout the process. There is no risk of it being damaged during transferral to a separate blister-pack, because there is no need to transfer it. The lens is never exposed to any liquid until it’s hydrated in saline in its blister-pack then sealed in foil and sterilized.

So you can be secure in the knowledge that your daysoft® lenses are made to the highest industry standards.

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